Ridge Association

The Rustic Ridge Association is a voluntary association of Homeowners of properties in Rustic Ridge. We have many Associate members who are closely associated to the Ridge but are not actually property owners.

As a Section 501 (c) (4) tax exempt Social Welfare Organization, the purpose of the Association is to “promote the spiritual, educational and social welfare of its members; to engage in charitable, recreational and benevolent activities; and to protect the infrastructure of the Ridge and the interests of its members”. (RRA Bylaws, Article 1)

Over 75 years ago, Ridge historian, The Reverend Robert Bonner Jack described “Northfield ideals” as “a unique spirit of friendliness, cooperation, and consideration for each other, consistent with the perpetuation of a congenial and harmonious colony.” ( p. 15, Ridge History 1901- 1976) Today the Rustic Ridge Association strives to maintain its historical ideals as a welcoming community.

Association Bylaws

General Rules

Officers and Committees

Meeting Minutes